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Feb. 10th, 2004 | 02:42 am

For some reason I decided it'd be a good idea to mess with the color scheme of my LiveJournal, which I hadn't changed since shortly after I first created this account. While looking through the various styles and schemes and whatnot, I didn't realize they were actually being applied to my journal. Oops. Now I'm too lazy to change everything back, and too lazy to change my Friends colors to match this new scheme. I shouldn't really care anyway, since I've pretty much abandoned this thing. That should be pretty obvious by now, since the last few entries have all been about how I never update this journal.

EDIT: Nevermind.

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(no subject)

from: onye
date: Nov. 15th, 2004 09:06 pm (UTC)

It's kind of... i dunno... White Stripes? I'm thinking of the 7 Nation Army video.

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