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Mar. 10th, 2006 | 02:15 am

The World Baseball Classic sucks. At first I was almost excited about it, and watching the games was interesting. But I didn't realize until recently how stupid the rules and format are. There's 16 teams in 4 pools, and I forget how they choose which teams play each other within the pools and in what order, but what ends up happening is that when a team like ours, USA, has a record of 1-1, and a team with a record of 2-0 (Canada) plays another team with a 1-1 record, like Mexico, if Canada beats Mexico then we are eliminated, even though we haven't even played the third game. BUT, if Mexico beats Canada, but does so without scoring more than 3 runs (1-0, 2-0, 2-1), then we're STILL eliminated from round 2. I think there's all kinds of other stupid rules for whatever other situation comes up. The point is that there's no reason that this thing can't be played like the post season in MLB. In each pool, there should be two 3-game series. The two winners of those two best-of-3 series should then play a 5 game series (3 out of 5). This would take a little longer but I think the results would be more geniune, and a lot easier to follow. I think they only reason they did this was because they're trying to make baseball more popular around the world, and they figure if they have this thing in the format of the World Cup that people will be more interested. Which might be true, until those people try to follow the 2006 MLB season or post-season.

I got this sweatshirt yesterday, a white zip-up hoodie. It quickly became one of my favorites. But tonight on the way home from work the fucking sleeve got snagged on this chainlink fence and it ripped. I was pissed. Still am. Now I gotta call the store I got it from and make sure they have another one. I think I'll call the dentist who's fence it was a harrass them for a while too.

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